Operate mode:Online
Measurement Precision:Up to 3um
Max. Sample Size:400*400mm(Standard),Max 1500*1000mm(Customized)
Max. Sample Weight:30KG(Customized)

Design principles of industrial CT products:

Depth of penetration: Product material or combined product material VS X-ray energy
Resolution: Detection accuracy requirements VS 2D/3D selection of micro-focus X-ray tubes and high resolution flat plate detectors. 

ModelRMCT 5000
Operate modeOnline
Measurement PrecisionUp to 3um
X-ray Source130kv/160kv/190kV

FPD, 300mm*250mm,Pixel Size:100um

Max. Sample Size400*400mm(Standard),Max 1500*1000mm(Customized)
Max. Sample Weight30KG(Customized)
SoftwareData acquisition and 3D reconstruction integrated software, 3D visibility and analysis software, database management software.
OptionsBarcode Reader
Operation EnvironmentNo smoking, dust-free clean environment include HEPA filter,10℃ ~ 40 ℃,20% ~ ≤80%HR 
System SafetyX-ray Leakage≤1 μsV/hr
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